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How to play this FREE Online KENO Game

  1. Wait for the KENO Game to load. (It takes a few seconds)
  2. Select your numbers: Choose a minimum of 1 number or a maximum of 10 different numbers from the Keno Board.
  3. Clicking on the QUICK PICK button will randomly select ten numbers.
  4. KENO Board numbers run from 1 to 80.
  5. After you click on a number, the selected number will light up and stay lit up until the board is cleared or the number is unselected.
  6. Select the number of rounds to play. Play 1 - Play 5 - Play 10.
  7. NOTE: Once you click one of the Play buttons, you can not select anymore numbers. The Keno Game will start drawing game numbers for each round.
  8. Remove unwanted number selections by simply clicking on the unwanted number again.

After each round has played the results of the round (number of hits) will be displayed on the right side of the Keno Game Board.
The left side of the Keno Board displays the payout for each number of hits.

This KENO Game is for Amusement Only.

Good Luck!

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A game of chance.
A player tries to predict what Numbers or Chinese Characters will be randomly selected.
KENO is sometimes called, "The Chinese Lottery", due to the games origins in ancient China.

Thanks for Playing our Free KENO Game!

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The Keno Game on this web page is for Amusement only.

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