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An Overview

Roulette is a game of chance.

In most Casinos, the Roulette Wheel is set into one end of a rectangular table with the rest of the table marked off in divided and labeled areas for placing wagers. The Roulette Wheel is marked off into 37 slots in European version of the game or 38 slots in the American version (The American version adds the Green "00" to the table).
This Free Roulette Game adds the Green "00", making this an American Roulette Game.

The ball slots in the Roulette Wheel are numbered 1 to 36; there is also a green (or sometimes white) 0 and in this Roulette Wheel a "00".

On the table, in the area for placing bets is an arrangement of red and black squares numbered and colored to correspond with the roulette wheel. In addition, there are spaces for other types of bets:

Roulette - Table Wagers

Manque - Bet that the winning number will be 1-18.
Passe - wager that it will be 19-36; pair.
Impair - bet that it will be odd.
Rouge - wager that it will be red.
Noir - bet that it will be black.
Of course, you can also wager on any single number or combination of numbers.

Some Casinos will also add or subtract different wagers and offer different odds, so always look at the board and the odds carefully. If in doubt, you can always ask the Croupier.

All bets in Roulette are placed against the 'House'. Bets are placed when the player places casino chips or cash on one(or more) of the wager areas on the table. After all the bets are placed, the Dealer, called a 'Croupier' in Roulette, closes the betting and then spins the wheel and tosses the small roulette ball onto it. The roulette ball's final resting place determines the winning bet(s).

Many different betting combinations are allowed, with varying odds, minimum and maximum stakes.

Roulette - Origin

No one is sure just when or where Roulette first appeared, most everyone agrees that the game is French in origin. Most people that are knowledgeable in these kind of things agree that the game of Roulette dates from sometime around the middle to late 17th century.

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